Happy Easter!

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So, it’s been awhile 🙂 As usual, I’ve gone more than a month without blogging. I’ve been busy- I made the girls’ Easter dresses as well as a bow tie for Ian. I also messed up the rotary hook on my machine and had to wait almost a week for the replacement part to arrive. And I officially hate making clothes for me. I scrapped the dress I was making for me. Usually with a commercial pattern, I go down at least one, maybe two sizes from what the measurements say. This time, I did that and made a muslin of the bodice, nope, didn’t fit. The next size up, still no. So I just went with the size the measurements indicated. As I expected, the waist fit but it was huge in the bust and under the arms. I just don’t get it. To top it off, the waist pieces didn’t even fit together the way they should have. I should have just saved the money and bought a dress from one of those places like Shabby Apple. Oh well.

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