Sleepover PJ pants as birthday gifts

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I have a hard time coming up with things to get the kid’s friends when they have birthday parties. I know we have waaaaay too many toys that never get played with so I try to think of unique or useful gifts. Lately, when I have the time and forethought, I’ll make a pair of Oliver + S Sleepover PJ pants and a heat-transfer design t-shirt to give as a gift. Here are a few that I’ve remembered to take pictures of. I made two pairs of the Star Wars pjs for a double birthday party and I really need to make my own son a pair. The snowman ones were for my niece so she could match her cousins. I try to remember to mention somewhere that the hem of the pants can be taken out to give another year of wear. I love these pants and can probably sew them in my sleep, by now!




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