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I’m in the middle of making up my own version of this bag. Usually I go on a rant about how most Vera Bradley stuff is so old lady looking and so stinkin’ expensive and I have no idea why it is so popular, especially with dancers. But I got a flyer in the mail with the Cha Cha bag on it and thought it was actually kind of cute. But not $58 worth of cute. That and the bag itself is pretty small. So I set to making it myself. I found some cute fabric at Joann, drew up the dimensions and started sewing. It’s about halfway done. I’ve got all the ruffles attached and the thing is heavy. Not so good. But, if I can figure out a good way to interface the outer layer it might work out. I also want to put in an interior zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket. Size-wise, it’s going to be about the same size as the dance bags I’ve been making. I just need to find some faux-leather straps and I think the look will be complete. I definitely know why I buy patterns instead of drafting my own. I’m not much for knowing how things go together. But, everything is a learning experience. I do know that now that I’ve sort of figured out my ruffler, I love it. There is no way I’d do all those ruffles by hand.

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