Failed Skirt Attempt

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Ok, so this is why I don’t like to make things for me to wear. They never turn out right. I was attempting to make this skirt from a tutorial at Amazing Mae. Just a simple, ruffled, pull-on skirt. Well, the fabric that I used was a little on the heavy side, but it was also a little see-through. So I thought I’d line it with muslin. But I did it the hard way and cut out each piece in the main fabric and the lining and sewed them like one piece. The stupid thing weighs a ton and has no drape to it. It looks like a curtain. So much for a light, airy summer skirt. Oh well. This thing was cursed from the beginning, though. I wanted to use the serger because I had gotten it working. I ran test after test, but of course when I start with the skirt, the thing starts hitting something and making a horrible sound. Basically, something is bent and the upper looper isn’t looping both needles anymore. So the dillema is: do I take it in to see if it can be fixed ($80 service + whatever it will take to fix it) or just wait until I can afford a new one? Now that I’ve had a taste of what a serger can do, I really want one. And if I get one, I want a decent one from the dealer so I can take the classes for it. Looks like the hubby will have to work some overtime for my Christmas present 🙂

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