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You can find a full tutorial for the book holder on the left hand side near the top of my blog under Tutorials or by clicking here.

Here is what we are giving to the girls for our New Beginnings. They are book holders designed to hold the FTSOY book, PP book, PP journal and a pen. I got the idea from another poster on SugarDoodle. The theme is “Bee” thou an Example (like a lot of other people) mainly because I had so much yardage of the bee fabric. Here is a quick little tutorial I wrote up for how to make the book holders. It’s kind of messy but if you want to make some and have any questions, just email me. They are really easy and cute. I got 15 holders out of 2 1/2 yards each of the lining and main fabric (5yds total).
As for the pockets, it says sew from bottom of pocket up, but I think it is easier to sew from top of pocket down after making so many of them.

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  1. We made these out of placemats that were on clearance for less than a buck at Wal-Mart. All we did was fold up the bottom about four inches and sew lines for the dividers, put a ribbon on the left edge and on the outside folded edge.

  2. This is the most darling, spectacular idea I have seen in such a long time. I want to make some. Any tips. I can sew, but not super well or anything. You are a very fabulous creative person. You should keep that creative streak going and make some more stuff we can copy….lol. Try some relief society stuff too. I’m interested in what more your brain has to offer. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I LOVE this idea! I am new into YW and we (as a predsidency) are trying to get the ball and excitement moving with personal progress. I would love to make these, however, I am not the sewing type, but I am going to make an attempt. Could you please send me the measurements? length, withdth of entire book holder, length width of pocket? Thanks jploeger@comcast.net

  4. Thank you Julie, I think we're going to make these for our girls. Hopefully we can get them to help with part of it. I printed off your instructions above, but if you've refined them or perfected them, 🙂 please email me anything new you have. I would really appreciate it.


    Thank you!

  5. We had our Laurels make a pouch for each of the incoming Beehives to give them at New Beginnings! The girls had fun making them and the Beehives go sooo excited about coming into YW all ready with their classy pouches!

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