Lisette + Co Classic Shirt

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I was so excited when my favorite pattern company, Oliver + S/Liesl + Co announced their new Classic Shirt pattern. As soon as the pattern became available, I bought it. I have been steadily working on it and finished it on Friday. The only think I need to figure out is how to shape the back waist. I always need back darts, pleats or something to keep it from looking like I’m wearing a bag due to upright back, swayback, protruding derriere, etc. Since there are pleats in the back yoke, I’m thinking I’m going sew a tuck in through the waist that continues the pleat line since darts didn’t work out so well. The pattern fits great, otherwise- I made a straight size 8 with the A/B cup front.

Sleepover PJ pants as birthday gifts

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I have a hard time coming up with things to get the kid’s friends when they have birthday parties. I know we have waaaaay too many toys that never get played with so I try to think of unique or useful gifts. Lately, when I have the time and forethought, I’ll make a pair of Oliver + S Sleepover PJ pants and a heat-transfer design t-shirt to give as a gift. Here are a few that I’ve remembered to take pictures of. I made two pairs of the Star Wars pjs for a double birthday party and I really need to make my own son a pair. The snowman ones were for my niece so she could match her cousins. I try to remember to mention somewhere that the hem of the pants can be taken out to give another year of wear. I love these pants and can probably sew them in my sleep, by now!




Seamwork Aurora as activewear

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I scored a great deal on activewear fabric at JoAnn’s and was looking for a tank pattern. I realized Seamwork came out with the Aurora tank in last month’s issue. I’d already made the Mesa dress so the Aurora was next. I made a size Medium and didn’t alter the sizing since my muslin fit well. I did add binding strips to this version in the contrasting color to the arm and neck holes. This made the arm holes a little smaller than I wanted so I will trim a little more off the seam allowance next time. We’ll see how it performs tomorrow on my run.Aurora Tank

Happy 4th Birthday Issa!

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The baby of the family turned 4 today. We had a quick party before Daddy had to go to work.

Issa at 4:

You finally sleep through the night- yay!

It has to be your way or the highway. And don’t even think about looking at you if are in a bad mood.

Every time you come into a room you do a little run, hop and pose as if to say” ta da, I’m here!”

I still wonder where you came from but I am glad you chose us to deal with your craziness.

Happy Birthday big girl!

Etsy Update

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I’ve finally updated my etsy shop. I had a lot of changing pads completed for a craft show, which was less than successful. Much less. And I’ve dropped the price since I redid the cost calculations. So, hopefully I’ll sell a few 🙂 I’ve been having a lot of fun making raggy name letters for lots of people and my next project will be attempting pettiskirts. I have been sewing, I just don’t remember to take pictures. I will try to remember to get a picture of Allison’s Christmas dress next time she wears it.