Shirred Baby Dress and Ruffle-Bum Onesie

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I love making things for friend’s babies. A baby shower is a good excuse to get going and try something new. For a recent baby girl, I made an elastic smocked sundress with a ruffle-bum onesie to go underneath. I have done the sundresses before, but the ruffle onesie was something I had on the to-do list. I think it turned out cute. I’m a total perfectionist when it comes to some things, so I redid the first ruffle twice. The first time, the fabric underneath puckered, so I started over. Then I forgot to use a stretch stitch the second time so I went over the stitching with the knit stitch and ripped out the straight stitch. I guess I did it three times. The other two ruffles were much easier once I had that figured out. The knit stitch just ensures the stitches will stretch with the fabric.

Ruffle-bum onesie tutorial from Char by way of UCreate

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