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I’ve been meaning to make the Undercover Crate¬†pattern for a long time but just never got around to finding a crate. I found little ones at the dollar store that were perfect to hold the baby shower gift previously posted. The pattern is really easy (and free!). At the end of the pattern, it tells you how to modify the pattern to fit any sized crate. I just changed the side B length (the pink fabric), since it was a little crate (only 6″ high) so 9″ wouldn’t have let the brown fabric be seen on the outside. I took off a couple inches from the pink height and added it to the brown inside fabric height. Very easy project and turned out great results. I need to make a few more for the kid’s rooms. This crate was 6″h x 8 1/2″l x 7 1/2″ w. I had bought 1/3 yard of each of the fabrics and just barely squeezed it out of the brown, so a little more would have been nice. I also added a covered button to the middle front of the long side. A bow would have been nice, too. A cute, useful packaging option for gifts.

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