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My brother asked me some info about our genealogy, so I decided to write this post with all the links that I have. They are for my grandmother and grandfather’s lines on my mother’s side. Grandma’s line, Hutchings, came over the plains with the Mormon pioneers to Utah. Here is her grandfather, Ellis Westley Hutchings, (also in there Ellis Franklin , grandma’s dad) and great grandfather, Shepherd Pierce Hutchings (and in a BYU library archive). Shepherd had 4 wives (3 at one time) and we’re descended from the 3rd wife, Sarah Ann Williamson. Shepherd was a wagonmaster across the plains. His father, Elias Hutchings, was a General Authority and was buried in the Nauvoo cemetery (page 21, search for Hutchings). He was a part of Zion’s Camp, that went to help the Saints in Missouri. He also discovered Mamoth Cave in Kentucky. A biography is given here and here (near the bottom, search for Hutchings).

On the Canon line, they have been in Nevada County and surrounding areas for awhile. Marshall and Eva J Hitsman lived in Howland Flat (Pine Grove) which is near Qincy and LaPorte. (That’s why you like that area so much) Here‘s some info about the area. He was most likely a placer miner out there. Their daughter Eva married Walter Douglas Canon, Sr, grandpa’s grandfather.

That’s kind of an overview of what I have so far. I hope you find it interesting.

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