Yet Another Baby Shower Gift

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I made a set of raggy letters using the little boy’s name for a gift. I got the idea for it from this blog post. I think they turned out pretty cute. The main idea is for them to be something soft for baby to play with and later to learn his name. But they could also be used as wall hangings. I might still add a little ribbon loop for hanging or putting them all on one of those plastic link-a-doo things to keep them all together. The YW and leaders helped me prep them by tracing the letter on the fabric and cutting out fleece for the middle and chenille for the back. Then I sewed a satin stitch following the tracing using my walking foot to keep the layers all together. I then cut the letter out leaving about 1/4″ space around the stitching. Clipped into the seam allowance to help the fraying, then I’ll run them through the washer and dryer a couple times to get them nice and frayed.
And my newest addition to my sewing pile: a used Euro-Pro 534 DSi serger. I found it at a yard sale on Saturday. It appears to work decently but I’m not really sure. The stitch quality seems to drift- it starts out ok, then loosens, then goes back to ok. I don’t have a clue so I’ll probably take it to get looked at sometime soon. It also came with a whole bunch of feet still in their (original?) packaging. I spent some time online trying to figure out what each one was for. There isn’t much online for this specific serger so it’s pretty much a guessing game. But I’m excited to have a serger, mainly for things like rolled hems.

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