Pink Fig Mia Top review

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I bought this Pink Fig pattern a couple months ago and found the perfect fabric at the beginning of January: Fandango by Kate Spain. The peaches, browns and greens are just lovely and no pink anywhere. I made it for baby M since A is still in her pink phase and I usually have to bribe her to wear anything I make. Anyway, I made some modifications to the pattern as written and since I couldn’t find anybody else online talking about this pattern, I thought it might help someone else. I have to say that the top looks way cuter on the baby than on the hanger. I also added an inch to both the top skirt and underskirt to be more of a dress than a tunic.

My first issue was with cutting out the pattern pieces. The ruffle and tie pieces were longer than the fabric width. I used standard quilters cotton, prewashed, so it wasn’t abnormally narrow fabric. For the small size, it wasn’t a big deal, but for larger sizes, it will be.

For the bodice, I tried to follow the original instructions, but it would have left too many shirring lines just tied instead of sewn into seams. I also did the rolled hem too big and didn’t have enough space left to shir around the neckline and sleeves. Instead, I recut the bodice pieces and only sewed one of the side seams, not both. This way, I could shir from one side to the other and finish the side seam after and catch the elastic in the seam. I also shirred across the sleeve and did the rolled hem before sewing the sleeve seam just to make a neater finish. I also did the rolled hem on each piece of the bodice and sleeve before assembly since my serger doesn’t completely roll the hem under going over a seam allowance.

One other issue I had on the bodice was how to place the shirring lines. If I started at the top and followed the neckline, they would be hopelessly curved by the time I got to the bottom. And from the bottom up, the final shirring across the sleeves and bodice crossed over the top shirring line. So, I faked it and went from the bottom up and tried to ease the lines closer to a curve when I got up near the top.

I wasn’t sure about the final product until I tried it on M. Way cute and I really want to make more, possibly to sell. I’m planning on making matching mary jane shoes and I already finished the frayed flower hair clip. I’ll try to take better pictures next week when I get everything finished and M wears it to church. Whew, kind of a wordy post but hopefully it will help anyone looking for info on the pattern.

Creations by Kara

Christmas present: Toddler Backpack

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I finished another present. Woohoo for me 🙂 I used Made by Rae’s Toddler Backpack pattern. I added 3 inches to the height but I really should have just left it alone since the original size is just perfect for a 2 year old. Since I made it bigger, I didn’t have enough piping to go all the way around both front and back, so I didn’t put it on the bottom back. I had to use the zipper foot for most of the construction because of the piping and I had to keep telling myself to keep my fingers back- I was afraid of getting caught by the needle. And again, the pictures don’t do it justice.


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I made these stockings last year but didn’t quite finish the embroidery or the hanging loops. So this year, I pulled them out and finished them. And I was able to put M’s name on one since last year we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. I used this tutorial from PurlBee and used an embroidery machine to do the names.

Last summer sewing- Jump Rope Dress

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 I finally got the Jump Rope Dress pattern from Oliver + S this last summer. My mom found it at a quilt shop in Paradise, I think. I took a chance and didn’t make it out of pink fabric but instead, navy blue with white polka dots. The buttons are pink, though. A is so hard to make stuff for lately. I had to bribe her a couple weeks ago to wear it to church. I hope M is not nearly so picky and maybe a little more girly.

And because my daughter is a nut:


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 I’m trying to keep the momentum going of finishing Christmas presents. We went to visit family for Thanksgiving so I didn’t get any sewing done, but I did buy more fabric 🙂 I finished the aprons last week and didn’t get around to taking pictures until today. I used the Montessori apron tutorial from Sew Liberated as well as this tutorial by Stardust Shoes for Michael Miller. I made A’s bigger to match the second pattern but used the neck and waist strap from the first tutorial. I took a picture of them both together but it was blurry and I just didn’t have the energy to set everything up again.

Knit Longies

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Once I got on this cloth diaper kick, I just had to make a pair of woolen longies, or soaker. They are meant to go over a fitted diaper or prefold as a breathable but waterproof cover. I finally finished my first pair the other day and even lanolized them. I used the Li’l Aries free pattern and Cascade 220 wool. I didn’t want to use super nice and expensive wool for my first attempt and I’m glad I didn’t because they have a few issues. I had problems getting the short rows to look decent on one of the sides and I missed an increase here and there. But, oh well. They just barely fit M, too. So, they will be cute to wear during the day but the rise is a little short to wear over a thick nighttime diaper.

Little late- Halloween Costumes

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I have a huge backlog of sewing that I haven’t put up on the blog because, well, three kids keep you pretty darn busy. Who knew? Anyway, here is A’s Little Bo Peep costume that I made. I finished it about midnight the night before she needed it to wear to her preschool Halloween party. There is also an apron and lace ruffled bloomers to go with the dress.

Bean was a sheep, which I did not make, and M was just her adorable self in a little pumpkin sleeper I bought last year on clearance before we knew boy or girl.

And I just had to add this pic of A being a total goof. She is doing her “Scary Pumpkin” face.