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I feel like I’m starving- ok, not really but I had gum surgery on Wednesday and a diet of soft foods just doesn’t seem very filling. The hubby had to go back to work today so I’m trying hard not to yell at the kids too much. It’s not working 🙂 Marissa has already had a major meltdown over not being allowed to play the iPad. It’s a good thing that girl is cute otherwise she would have been given to the gypsies a long time ago. M_Zoo1

Easter 2013

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Since I made such fancy dresses for the girls last year, I decided to go simple this year. And last minute, as usual. Saturday I decided to make them Oliver + S Popover Sundresses. I had a purple seersucker for Marissa and a pink gingham for Allison. Ian’s matching bowtie didn’t happen in time for Easter but I have a new pattern to try out and will make him a few for spring. IMG_0588

Sadly, this is the best picture I got of them on the way into church on Sunday. Oh well.

I made little, felt bunny finger puppets for the Easter baskets using this tutorial. I only started these darn things last year and finished them up the night before Easter. I had stitched them instead of using the machine. The kids weren’t super impressed but they really were more for me, anyways 🙂

IMG_4492 FeltBunnyCloseUp FeltBunnyFront FeltBunnyBack

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

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I made Marissa a dress from the Oliver + S Family Reunion pattern. It’s a cute pattern and I love the details with the pin tucks on the front and back. I used variegated thread on the pin tucks and top stitching for a fun detail. I didn’t get any pictures of her wearing it, of course. I really appreciate the details that go into these patterns and the instructions are easy to follow. I found this Alexander Henry fabric at JoAnn’s a couple weeks ago which was a lucky find since our Joann’s is in the process of moving and currently has 3 bolts of fabric left. But the good news is we are getting a super Joann’s the middle of April.