Easter 2012

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I never did post the pictures of the dresses I made for Easter last year. I loved how they turned out! I’m still debating what to do for this year. I’d better decide soon: Easter is coming fast this year.

For last year’s dresses I used another Brynnberlee pattern design- the Lily dress. I tested the pattern in the larger size for Allison’s and bought the smaller size for Marissa. I cut into my beloved stash of Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane fabrics. My favorite is the blue and yellow flowers on the back of Marissa’s dress. I wish I could get away with wearing so many ruffles and different fabrics!

Birthday Presents

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It seems spring is the season of birthday parties. A has been invited to two so far, one of them for boy/girl twins. I like coming up with handmade gifts since if they are anything like us, they have way too many toys. I made them each tote bags with their name stenciled on them along with a fun design. I only got a picture of one of them. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out contact paper to use for the stencil and painted onto tote bags I got at Michaels. I filled the bags with arts supplies like window markers, coloring books and other fun things.